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smartsyntax extension
use right arrow to move on==[*no-status]#title-slide =SmartSynt. ≃ Wiki Synt.= * Easy bullet points (numbered or not) * To learn smart syntax ** Go through the current presentation
to get an idea of what is possible ** View the source of this page (Ctrl+U) =SmartSynt. ≃ Wiki++= * Easy class additions *# on the slide itself (see next one) *# on a bullet point (like this one who has a 'highlight' class)[highlight] * Allow tags e.g. this is inside a <b> tag * NB ** <b> (bold) is styled in blue ** 'highlight' class is styled in red =Styled Slide=[funny] * In the "smart syntax" source ** this slide has the custom 'funny' class * In the css of this page ** <b> tags within a 'funny' are styled in chartreuse (green) ** (with .funny b {color: chartreuse}) * and an example: chartreuse is great!, (learn more on chartreuse) =Deck.js Friendly= * Friend with deck.js ** creation of slides (<section> with a slide class) * Friend with the theme conventions ** title slides with a <h1> (using "==....==") ** normal slides with a <h2> (using "=....=") =Deck.*.js Friendly= @svg: svgThatFloatsRight smiley.svg 150px 150px * Friend with some deck.js extensions ** SVG inclusion
(smiley from inky2010) ** Latex maths using a pair of $$ signs *** $E = mc^2$ *** $c = \sqrt{a^2+b^2}$ *** (use two consecutive dollar signs to output a dollar)[smaller] ** more on next slide =Animations Friendly=[deck-status-fake-end] * Progressive display: use the slide class * This has both slide and highlight classes[slide][highlight] * Next: more things[slide] @svg: svg,floatright smiley.svg 150px 300px @anim-appear:800: #bottom | #left + #right | .svg #reflect + -#bottom | @#zoom | @#far | #bottom @anim-play: .myvid @anim-pause: video @anim-attribute:400: h2: font-size: .75em @anim-attribute:400: h2: font-size: 2.5em

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=Additional Notes= * Case insensitive… @ANIM-…@aNiM-…@anim-… @ANIM-APPEAR:600: .s1 @aNiM-aPPear:600: .s2 @anim-appear:600: .s3 * No compilation phase[slide] ** interpreted at loading time ** faster development * Backward compatible with old version[slide]

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