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Rémi Emonet
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+33 4 77 91 57 23
Laboratoire Hubert Curien,
18 Rue Professeur Benoît Lauras,
42000 St-Etienne, France

I am an Associate Professor at Jean Monnet University (université de Lyon) in Saint Étienne (France). My research at Laboratoire Hubert Curien mainly involves Machine Learning and Computer Vision, with a focus on temporal aspects. I teach various subjects ranging from programming basics to advanced web applications. I'm also involved in the Software Carpentry project.

A new Inria project team is being evaluated for a forthcoming opening at the Hubert Curien Laboratory on the topic "Machine Learning for Surface Engineering".

This topic is one of the two scientific priorities of the Inria Lyon Center for the 2023 recruitment campaign.

This project team will aim at addressing the following scientific challenges in Statistical Machine Learning and Optimization:
  • Derive theoretical guarantees when learning from data and background knowledge (complexity measures, generalization bounds, generalization in bilevel optimization)

  • Integrate and extract knowledge into/from Physics-based Machine Learning models (learning symmetries, sparse modeling, knowledge distillation, PDEs learning).

  • New frameworks for Domain Generalization and Transfer Learning (TL) in Physics-based ML (divergence measures, optimization for TL, optimal transport and diffusion process)

Please, contact Marc Sebban (or me) for more information in case you wish to apply in 2023 to an Inria CR or ISFP position.

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[2023-01-26]  Inria research positions are open, and our team is among the two scientific priorities of the Inria Lyon Center join us via Inria.
[2022-02-22]  Updated publications.
[2020-08-12]  Added recent publications and related links (including a presentation about our dual-network contact tracing and the source code on github.
[2020-01-23]  Added slides of my presentation at Défi IA INSA Toulouse.
[2018-12-24]  Our submission at AISTATS 2019 has been accepted! The title is “From Cost-Sensitive Classification to Tight F-measure Bounds” and it will soon be available. All the best for this end of year.
[2018-08-29]  No news is good news: there has been a lot to do at work, with many successes, some rejections. In 2018, we are happy to welcome new people in the team: two new associate professors (Charlotte and Ivgen), two postdocs (Emmanuel and Tien-Nam) and some Ph.D. students (at least Rémi2, Rémi3, Tanguy and Amaury).