DEPRECATED: it seems grooveshark re-added a clear queue button (on the bottom left)

Missing “clear queue” in Grooveshark

With the new grooveshark interface, I've seen a couple of person complaining about the “clear queue” button that is not in direct access anymore. That's true that now you have to click twice to clear your songs (Queue > Clear Queue).

Getting back your button

One solution would be to install a plugin like greasemonkey and write a proper script.

The simpler solution is to create a “bookmarklet”:

  • create a bookmark (e.g., by right clicking in a bookmark toolbar or list),
  • put a fancy, preferably short, name like "Z" or "ᚏ" or "♻" (or whatever),
  • copy paste the following as "location": javascript:document.getElementById('queue-menu-btn').click();window.setTimeout(function(){document.getElementsByClassName('jj_menu_item_clear_queue')[0].click()},300);void(0)
  • from now, just click this new bookmark to clear your song queue.
It does not work anymore? any feedback or remarks? Contact me at click-me ;-p