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Rémi Emonet
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+33 4 77 91 57 23
Laboratoire Hubert Curien,
18 Rue Professeur Benoît Lauras,
42000 St-Etienne, France

I am an Associate Professor at Jean Monnet University (université de Lyon) in Saint Étienne (France). My research at Laboratoire Hubert Curien mainly involves Machine Learning and Computer Vision, with a focus on temporal aspects. I teach various subjects ranging from programming basics to advanced web applications. I'm also involved in the Software Carpentry project.

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[2016-09-28]  Added two new papers that will be presented SSPR 2016.
[2016-09-01]  Presentation: Introduction to Version Control using Git and Gitlab
[2016-08-17]  Two NIPS 2016 papers accepted in our group!
[2016-05-29]  Added my presentation on Learning to Learning, that I gave at Web En Vert. See my research home page or on on github.
[2016-05-14]  Added some 2016 publications. See my publication list.
[2016-02-12]  Added my presentations on Sparsity, that I gave at a workshop in laboratoire Hubert Curien. See my research home page that had been enriched with other presentations (on deep learning and on transfer learning).