All News From Heeere

[2024-02-05]  I defended my Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches today.
[2023-09-01]  I have the honnor to be an IUF Laureate (Institut Universitaire de France). My project will soon be on the IUF website.
[2023-01-26]  Inria research positions are open, and our team is among the two scientific priorities of the Inria Lyon Center join us via Inria.
[2022-02-22]  Updated publications.
[2020-08-12]  Added recent publications and related links (including a presentation about our dual-network contact tracing and the source code on github.
[2020-01-23]  Added slides of my presentation at Défi IA INSA Toulouse.
[2018-12-24]  Our submission at AISTATS 2019 has been accepted! The title is “From Cost-Sensitive Classification to Tight F-measure Bounds” and it will soon be available. All the best for this end of year.
[2018-08-29]  No news is good news: there has been a lot to do at work, with many successes, some rejections. In 2018, we are happy to welcome new people in the team: two new associate professors (Charlotte and Ivgen), two postdocs (Emmanuel and Tien-Nam) and some Ph.D. students (at least Rémi2, Rémi3, Tanguy and Amaury).
[2017-06-05]  We have a postdoc position open in the Data Intelligence group, on active domain adaptation and deep convolutional networks for anomaly detection in videos check out the offer.
[2017-01-20]  Présentation et matériel pour mon workshop à l'incoyable conf Mixit 2017 : Deep Learning pour la Reconnaissance de Chatons.
[2017-03-02]  Our new paper on arxiv “L³-SVMs: Landmarks-based Linear Local Support Vectors Machines”, on my publication page.
[2017-01-20]  Presentation: Version control with Git.
[2017-01-04]  Presentation: Likelihood-based and Likelihood-free Unsupervised Learning.
[2016-12-13]  Presentation: A Tour of Probabilistic and Deep Approaches for Unsupervised Learning.
[2016-12-12]  We presented our paper at NIPS last week.
[2016-09-28]  Added two new papers that will be presented SSPR 2016.
[2016-09-01]  Presentation: Introduction to Version Control using Git and Gitlab
[2016-08-17]  Two NIPS 2016 papers accepted in our group!
[2016-05-29]  Added my presentation on Learning to Learning, that I gave at Web En Vert. See my research home page or on on github.
[2016-05-14]  Added some 2016 publications. See my publication list.
[2016-02-12]  Added my presentations on Sparsity, that I gave at a workshop in laboratoire Hubert Curien. See my research home page that had been enriched with other presentations (on deep learning and on transfer learning).
[2015-10-01]  Added my presentation on Machine Learning that I gave at Web En Vert. See my research home page or on on github.
[2015-08-05]  Added a debriefing of my second software carpentry workshop in CERN for summer students and the Webfest.
[2015-06-25]  Added a debriefing of the LHCb software carpentry workshop in which I instructed three weeks ago.
[2015-05-25]  (FR/EN) Added a post on changing EXIF dates for your holiday pictures. Poste sur changer les dates EXIF dans vos photos de vacances.
[2015-04-30] Added slides of today's presentation on dirichlet processes research page.
[2015-04-28] For clarity, I separated my research page from my publication list.
[2015-04-02] We are opening two PhD thesis positions in Saint Etienne: one on distributed optimization with belief propogation and one on extraction of subtle cues and events in videos.
[2015-03-27] My first FirefoxOs app! Time tracking with sync. BusyBox
[2014-12-29] (FR/EN) Galette time!: cut a Galette without hitting the bean. Couper la galette sans toucher la fève.
[2014-11-27] Paper Clickers! Yeah!
[2014-10-28] Our paper on “bobbing estimation” will be presented this week at ICIP 2014.
[2014-10-26] I attended PyConFr 2014, very interesting academic track and discussions.
[2014-08-23] Comparison of GPS tracking with my Nexus 4 and my ZTE Open C

I just got a ZTE Open C, so I made a comparision of the GPS recording of my Nexus 4 and my Open C.

[2014-08-15] Debriefing after the Mozilla Science Lab Sprint

I just posted a debriefing of the sprint for the Mozilla Science Lab that took place in July.

[2014-07-07] L'introduction qu'il vous manquait pour enfin comprendre la programmation réactive

J'ai fait une tranduction d'un article que j'ai bien aimé : « The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing » posté par André Staltz (lien vers la version anglaise).

[2014-04-25] Deck.js has new themes!.

It is only used in the examples for now, but I worked on a theme family for deck.js. The family contains black/white backgrounds, two possible fonts, and 6 possible main colors. Feedback's welcome. Currently the demos only feature a green theme on a black background. Any example is ok, such as the clone example, or the clone example with a draft font.

[2014-04-15] Major update of Deck.js demos (with zip bundle).

I've updated the page about my deck.js extensions. It contains new extensions and demos. The zip bundle is available.

[2014-04-14] Major update of Deck.js demos.

I've updated the page about my deck.js extensions. It contains new extensions and demos. The bundle will come soon (need to make a new template).

[2013-11-20] Deck.js 1.0 is now out (and my extensions and bundle are updated).

Now updated my extension page for Deck.js 1.0: page about my deck.js extensions. Deck.js 1.0 has been officially released now!

[2013-11-09] Deck.js 1.0 + long pending small updates (dnssd, kinect, ...).

Now updated my extension page for deck.js 1.0: page about my deck.js extensions.

[2013-10-29] Added description on the deck.js extension page.

Better late than never, I added some descriptions and link to the page about my deck.js extensions.

[2013-09-07] Responsive design and CSS ppi detection (display density).

I made my website somewhat responsive: at least it is readable on smaller screens (the menu used to take a lot of space). At the occasion I discovered how we can adapt to display density using CSS (ppi, dpi) and made a small test page about display density.

[2013-08-16] Comment system and new position.

I updated my CV with my new position and added a commenting system (livefyre) on my pages. Visitors can now comment on the pages.

[2013-07-17] Update of deck.js bundle: includedeck! and SVG styling using CSS

I updated the Zip bundle for deck.js and extensions. It contains the new “includedeck” for easy and less verbose inclusion of extensions (gain around 50 lines in your html file). It also rewrites SVG files when they get included so they can be styled using CSS (even if they come from inkscape that uses the "style" attribute).

[2013-06-17] Strange error 1100: corrupted memory?

I encountered a unexpected error, code 1100, corrupted memory?. It seems to be a very uncommon error so I report it here.

[2013-06-03] Quick update of deck.js bundle

I updated the Zip bundle for deck.js and extensions. It contains improvements to the SmartSyntax and the SVG extensions. It also introduces a lot of small improvements currently in an “incubator” extension (mathjax, comments on the slides, event logger and timer, clock, indicator for loading in progress, …).

[2013-06-02] Visiting New-York? Travel time maps to Times Square

After a difficult month, I added some travel time maps for Times Square, New York, Manhattan.

[2012-05-25] Accepted paper in IEEE TPAMI

After one round of major revision in TPAMI, I got an "accept" and thus updated my publications.

[2013-05-15] Quick update of deck.js bundle

I updated the Zip bundle for deck.js and extensions. Mainly it solves a slight problem with loading SVG created by newest inkscape but it also includes all the latest changes.

[2013-04-08] Updated my first travel-time/isochrone maps and page

I developed a little my work on travel time maps / isochrone maps. New maps with the 4 french cities where I might end up + walking to Lausanne train station.

[2013-04-07] New GSP Framework version released: 2.0

I release a new version of the GSP Framework for modules in Java and C++, now also with python support. Still no dedicated page on my site... The tutorial is operational/up-to-date but it is still not illustrating the python feature.

[2013-03-07] The Duck strikes back!

Fixed missing images for the Duck Game. Small updates all around in the website.

[2013-02-26] PushBorderLayout now also in scala

For the exercise and some syntactic sugar, I made a scala implementation of the PushBorderLayout.

[2013-02-06] Multiple small updates to the website

Some things got improved/added in the last month: interactive filter for publication, pdf version of cv and publications, content updates, typo and broken link fixes.

[2012-12-10] Bookmarklet to clear queue in Grooveshark

I quickly added a new page on how to clear your grooveshark queue in one click.

[2012-10-29] Deck.js: major updates

I updated the github repo, the Zip bundle and demo pages for deck.js and extensions. They now feature major improvements on animations. No notable problem persists: you can now play animations, undo them, jump to an arbitrary slide, refresh or load the page on any slide… all without a problem. The “smartsyntax” demo now features also an example of animation the viewbox of svg images (zooming in and out).

[2012-10-25] Deck.js: small fixes

Updated Zip bundle and demos for deck.js and extensions: fix/improvements on undoing animations.

[2012-10-22] My first isochrone maps

Added a new page with isochrone maps: fancy maps for a quick overview of the travel time from a place (Grenoble and Martigny).

[2012-09-30] Deck.js: added zip bundle

Added a downloadable zip bundle on the deck.js page.

[2012-08-23] Refreshed libgdx+Netbeans tutorial

My pages on using libgdx with Netbeans were quite old. It is solved now. Bonus: it is much simpler now :).

[2012-08-07] Deck.js: clone extension for deck.js with demos

Added a "clone" demo on the deck.js page. With "clone", you can have a view on your laptop and another view on the video projector.

[2012-08-02] Deck.js: smart syntax and demos

Added a smartsyntax demo on the deck.js page. Now everything is there. Also polished the demos (still more to do).

[2012-07-27] Deck.js: SVG is back in the game (with animations)

Added an SVG demo on the deck.js page. Still not polished but it works great.

[2012-07-26] New page for deck.js with extensions (including "fit" for proper resizing)

Created a new deck.js page for the reimplemented/new extensions. The "fit" extension that properly re-sizes slides at will is there and demoed. Also demoed: math equations, simple animations (no SVG).

[2012-04-13] Added a bundle for deck.js with extensions

Updated the deck.js page with a link to a zip bundle.

[2012-03-10] More deck.js extension demos!

Updated the deck.js page with 2 new features: math equations and smart syntax (similar to a wiki syntax).

[2012-02-24] “SVG ViewBox animations” in deck.js! (or how to make the audience throw up)
[2012-02-21] More on animations in deck.js!
[2012-02-06] Html presentation: SVG animations in Deck.js
[2011-12-01] Added my list of features for html-based presentation systems

Before re-implementing anything, I listed the features I expect from a html-based presentation system. Also, I try to list what “deck.js”, “presentazion” and my own system have and lack.

[2011-11-10] Added my AMBIENT 2011 publication

I added my AMBIENT 2011 and its associated bibtex and page.

[2011-09-13] Added bibtex for my publications

All publications are now showing the associated bibtex.

[2011-08-11] Pre-announcing AndroidDnssdService

I posted an update about an incoming project for DNS-SD on Android on my android dnssd post.

[2011-07-19] Added instructions for the “duck” game

I added a paragraph of instructions for the “duck” game.

[2011-07-18] Updated (simplified) instructions for kinect audio

The audio support from Zarvox was integrated in libfreenect, I updated the instructions to record audio from kinect.

[2011-06-23] CVPR poster + the “duck” game

I had put some things online without giving them public visibility. Here they are: my cvpr poster page and the “duck” game (without instructions...).

[2011-05-21] Sharing instruction for Kinect audio recording

For some audio experiments in my research, I tried to record the multiple microphones of the Kinect. Hopefully there is an available driver for that. I share here the instructions to record audio from kinect.

[2011-05-16] Updated Latex live equation editor with MathJax

I (re)discovered MathJax to do rendering of latex equations in a browser so I updated my live equation editor page with an option to use it.

[2011-05-08] Accepted paper at IEEE AVSS 2011

I got an accepted paper :) and thus updated my CV page.

[2011-04-03] Updated/Extended: using libgdx with Netbeans

Tutorial on how to make libgdx-helloworld works with Netbeans only, without Eclipse. Now you can even use Netbeans to run the app on your phone. Note that you can use this for dual development (some team members under Netbeans, some under Eclipse).

[2011-03-14] Migrated Web Server

The web server hosting this has been migrated. Please update your bookmarks if you were using some "" urls. You can find the new website at the same address

"" will now host multiple services, for example

[2011-02-21] Updated: Using Jmdns on Android

Explaining how to use jmdns on Android on this page of my site (for dnssd/zeroconf/bonjour service discovery). With this update, your project does not require to have a copy of jmdns sources anymore.

[2011-02-13] Using Jmdns on Android

Explaining how to use jmdns on Android on this page of my site (for dnssd/zeroconf/bonjour service discovery).

[2011-01-20] Android OpenGL ES (with libgdx) from Netbeans

Happy new year! Explaining step by step how to use Netbeans for libgdx applications on this page of my site.

[2010-12-19] Omiscid on Android

My first attempt with Omiscid on Android on this page of my site.

[2010-12-15] Added a page with my git presentation

I did a git presentation at IDIAP. You can access it, together with some links, on this page of my site.

[2010-12-14] I have a twitter now!

Finally, I have a twitter account. You can follow me at

[2010-10-30] Live Latex equation editor in your browser

I was fed up of recompiling latex equations so I quickly created an interactive equation editor usable in modern browsers. You can access it on this page of my site.

[2010-10-21] I posted an article on about modularity

My first article on “dzone” exposes an approach to improve modularity in your graphical user interfaces. It is done by decoupling actions and “action enabling strategies”. It is illustrated with the Lookup API from Netbeans. You can access it through the “tech corner” of this site.

[2010-09-25] News Feed is now available + FileAccessApplet project
You can now follow the news from this website using the news feed: . Also the technical corner got a little update with my release of a enabling java applet.
[2010-07-26] PushBorderLayout is online
I finished and released a layout for Java GUI applications. In functionality, it is equivalent to the nesting of multiple JPanels with BorderLayout.
[2010-07-20] The “tech corner” has been created
A section dedicated to technological tricks has been added. It already contains macros for generating C++ accessors.
[2010-06-07] Welcome heeere
This website gets created and put online!
[2010-06-04] Git project created
Created the new project for the new website. Heeere we go.