Who am I?

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Researcher     publications

I'm an Associate Professor in Saint Étienne, France, doing research around machine learning and other subjects, in Hubert Curien Laboratory. I previously held a postdoctoral position for a few years at the Idiap Research Institute (EPFL) in Martigny in Switzerland. I have a Ph.D. in software architectures for intelligent environments (pervasive computing) that I did in the PRIMA group in INRIA Grenoble. I value multi-disciplinarity and have interests in various fields including machine learning, software architecture, computer vision, neuro-sciences and artificial intelligence.

Teacher     teaching corner

Apart from research, I heartily enjoy teaching. I had a teaching assistant position at Ensimag during the 4 years and had the occasion to teach in English at EPFL. I could luckily get back on teaching with my position at Jean Monnet University. I'm also involved in the Software Carpentry project which teaches computing skills to scientists and experiments with distributed open authoring of lessons.

Software engineer and hacker     tech corner

I am an engineer and graduated from the Ensimag french school. I have always tried to learn and discover new things and tried to stay up-to-date with new technologies. Some applications I designed are in daily use by companies. Also, I daily use some of my own software and frameworks :) (e.g., deck.js, the GSP). I am particularly interested in user interfaces, programming language engineering, API design, software architectures and methodologies for improved team work. My Ph.D. subject was also on new software architectures and software processes for pervasive computing.

I'm a “sports man”

When I'm not around a computer, I mostly practice sports like hiking, climbing, skiing, swimming, running, aïkido, volley ball and anything that presents itself to me, but time is getting scarcer these days... To remain strong I also like eating ;-) and particularly smelly, cheesy things.