Technical Corner

I'll try to progressively publish here some stuffs that can be interesting to others or to me in the future. Here is a list of articles already published (most probably interesting first) or expected to be in the next ones:

HTML presentation system (deck.js and extensions): getting rid of OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Powerpoint.
Une introduction à la Programmation Réactive Fonctionnelle (PRF) (traduction d'un article en anglais).
Isochrone color maps: fancy maps for a quick overview of the travel time from a place. Also, map of travel time in Manhattan.
Display Density (ppi) in CSS: some explanations and a test page to get your display density.
(EN) Changing dates in your holiday pictures (fixing EXIF dates)
(FR) Changer les dates de vos photos de vacances (fix dates EXIF)
Need a break? Try my Duck game.
(EN) Probability to cut a Galette without touching the bean/fève (also en français).
(FR) Probabilité de couper la Galette sans toucher la fève.
Comparing GPS tracking between my Nexus 4 and my Firefox OS phone ZTE Open C.
Want to make executables by assembling modules in Java, C++ and Python? GSP!.
Bookmarklet for Grooveshark: get back your one-click “clear queue”.
2014 Software Carpentry Sprint: debrief about the lesson package manager.
A page with my slides on git and some links.
Live editing and vizualization of your latex equations.
Fed up of nesting BorderLayouts? A “recursive” BorderLayout for Java Swing (and Scala).
Simple macro to create a C++ attribute with a setter.
A way of improving modularity by decoupling actions and “action enabling strategies” in your graphical user interfaces.
Recording audio from Kinect with libfreenect.
Using jmdns on Android for service discovery.
Developing Android games with libgdx and Netbeans.
First attempt with Omiscid on Android.
An invisible Java applet to enable filesystem access to browser-based applications. The jar file is directly available on github in the "release" folder.
HowTo: evolving deck.js for presentations (slides).
A javascript framework that automatically creates applications to visualize and browse custom datastructures. A single small html file is sufficient to describe both a datastructure and how it should be displayed.
A complex but simple website framework (used by sites including this one).
A custom url shortener without php or databases.

Anything you want in priority? Propositions of subjects for next articles? Just post me a mail at click-me ;-p